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Soul Knight Hack and Cheats 2019 – Get As Many Gems As You Want

Soul Knight is one of the best shooters with a top-down view, and it’s specifically catered for mobile users. The Magic Stones are the only thing that’s keeping the world in a state of blissful harmony and peace, but someone has stolen them, and everyone is relying on you to retrieve these precious artifacts! Soul Knight is a roguelike game that’s chaotic and fun. It has a pretty steep learning curve, though. But with the help of the Soul Knight hack we can provide for you, along with a couple of tricks and tips to help you with the gameplay, you’ll be a Soul Knight master in no time!

How to Play Soul Knight

The objective of the game is to traverse through as much levels as possible, killing the bad guys along the way so you can get back the stolen artifacts. Soul Knight has 15 different levels the player has to go through in order to win. If they are killed at any point, they respawn and go back to the first level. You can make use of our efficient Soul Knight Hack Apk to give you more revivals so you can continue your run without the need to restart. You use gems in order to revive, and these are normally obtained by purchasing them with real money or watching ads, but who wants that?

Soul Knight starts off with the player in their Living Room. This is the resting place for many adventurers, and you can start a run any time by using the door. This will send you to level 1. There are many different skills and weapons available in the game, and you get them by exploring through the levels and killing enemies. There is also a HUD which tells you your player’s status, such as health or armor levels, so make sure to check it regularly.

The game uses an armor system where it depletes whenever you get hit by an enemy. If your armor durability reaches 0, your health will be the one taking damage. Be careful not to let your health go down to 0 because that means game over for your current run unless you have gems available for reviving. Don’t let your energy reach 0 too, because you won’t have access to the weapons in your inventory that requires energy to use.

Rogues are one of the best heroes

Rogues have a special skill that gives them a few moments of invincibility whenever they perform a combat roll. This is extremely useful for bosses whenever things become too tough (and they will). The thing is, rogues need 2000 gems to be unlocked. Granted, it’s the least expensive hero, but collecting 2000 gems on your own takes a lot of time. You can either grind for gems yourself, or you can use our fast and easy Soul Knight Hack Tool to help you out.

Gold and Gems are the in-game currency

You obtain gems after any run, and the more you reach the later levels, the more gems you’ll be rewarded with. You get 50 diamonds per portal traversed, and can also obtain them by killing enemies and gathering gold. The total enemies and gold will be halved, and that’s the number of additional jewels you’ll be getting. There is also an in-game buff where it nets you 200 gems. If you can’t stand the grind and want more gems the easy way, you can simply talk with the Mail Guy every day (he gives you gems), or you can use our available Soul Knight Hacks in order to get unlimited free gems.

A few more ways to get more gems is by viewing the ads shown in the game, or you can buy them with real cash. The game also features a ‘planting’ system where you can grow Gem Trees or Gem Flowers that upon reaching maturity, will give you between 200 to 300 gems. This resource is an integral part of the game’s buying system. You can use them to upgrade your character’s abilities or even customize their appearance. Apart from that, you can use them to have access to more revivals, improve items, use the game’s Gashapon Machine, and also allow you to open up the locked Chest found in the game’s Living Room.

Gold is another important currency. You can spend them on hiring new followers, buying essential equipment, or pleasing the gods by donating them in worship statues. The gold you get in every run transforms into gems after you go back the Living Room. With our useful Soul Knight Cheats, you can increase your gem currency the quick and easy way. We chose not to provide an option for increasing gold since it’s all converted into gems at the end of every run anyway.

Frost Weapons are a godsend for boss fights

Whenever you come across a weapon with a Frost enchantment, you’re lucky! These weapons freeze your enemies in their tracks (if you don’t have frost weapons, blue barrels also have a freezing property you can take advantage of) whenever you land a critical attack. This is especially useful for boss battles where there are just too many bullets to avoid, but you can easily bypass them by freezing the boss! If you combine this effect with the Dual Wield ability at the Knight hero’s disposal, you have double the chance of making critical attacks. You can choose any two weapons in your inventory with the Knight. The game starts you off by giving you a Bad Pistol in every run’s start. But this is hardly a good weapon, so make it one of your main objectives to replace it as soon as possible.

One upside for your Bad Pistol is that it doesn’t consume any energy upon firing, so it’s a lifesaver if you find yourself running out of energy. Remember to keep practicing the ins and outs of the game to make your runs easier. Our Soul Knight Hack Online makes all 14 heroes in the game immediately available at your disposal, but you still need to practice if you want to use them to their full potential.


Soul Knight is a great game that can be played by anyone without cost. Buying additional currencies is purely optional. Granted, they can level out the playing field and make Soul Knight a more rounded experience. With our Soul Knight Cheat, you can get more currencies at no additional cost. But remember that practicing and learning the different aspects of the game is also satisfying in it’s own, so don’t abuse the cheats too much.

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